The tandem of collapsing, societal emergencies heading for hoards of good people in all special ways happens to be already protected against with the International Network for Global Education. For the emerging youth of the twenty and twenty-first century , we the young adults who search for success; fence the opportunity for imagination to live successfully. Our balance is a game it has been fought with hard ledger, this false thrashing of limbs that slice, and carve our own fate out of time. There’s ignorance in the better ways of a teacher-but with no time to play the role of a predetermined sketcher;the students fame to life is the time they don’t spend on their own. Most of this growth coming into high-school as some one is-was-and should never be.

Not that my age(19n’counting) should mean anything to any one in particular-but the merging of the caress that finances our festering existence, is this; fight for your right to be a proud ,for the sight. Moving yourself through the faculty of life and offering yourself to the wog of new “embarkations” that lie in wait. Doesn’t that actually give you the life expectancy or reassurance that you need? Spinning when I recall the fantasy in creative writing might bring me a bit closer to my ride-I’m down with that. Seemingly enough this isn’t ever “good” for the better part of society-I need what they want from me rather makes my gut quiver with excitement and fear- so far has not a break in the fast.

Living in an M.D.C (more developed country) should mean something to me; in fact the only reason why I’m fortunate in my school district and with the curricula is because I haven’t had the choice or even the benefit of a doubt that I could become the graduate “mom” and “dad” need, or that I’m covered in the long run!
What really lies amidst the shaded veil, that I can see? Running around these frantic money laundering scams making me sick of trying to be-with only one hundred seventy-five dollars for tuition at that. This whole semester I found myself inside the past of a building in the middle of a damn murder scene.
The choice to be good at something is a hard pill to swallow, this shouldn’t mean you cannot do anything if you can’t flex that muscle they want to gleam. Just of failing; doesn’t matter to people if you happen to crunch numbers like a pro but spell worse than a pregnant, brain-damaged, P.C.P, enriched prom queen. It’s simple when you put your life in someones hands and you’re absolutely set for success with the cash flow and family status; knowledge is just a plus. Like many with well off families of course. The set determined path of a persons life-if not already in taken care of homes, or nailed with freedom like a light flounder; you’re different but you have to embrace it-this just doesn’t come over a few core courses in religion, or math! People don’t have a choice about the life they are justified by and subjectified to. Unfortunately most schools won’t acquire any type of special education for anyone already in the seed they’ve sown on their own in a place and nation that’s so well in fear of becoming a thunderous nothing.

In a place like Lethbridge, Alberta Canada the school systems here have many agricultural programs-some say the best in the country or maybe the world. Yet the chilling past of how we’ve been given our stripes happen to be a layer cake of popularity in the world. The way I see it, everyone should be able to have their say in what they want and need to do; especially when it comes to the very core of our reality, what we leave behind for the next generation to follow. Like disease so close to be withered how do we know if the next generation of heroes won’t think to themselves,
“We do know what’s able and more able to do so.”
What’s to be offered if there was no questioning at all?
So I walk forward in this life always pledging to someone we will never forget, they won’t be able to ignore the echo, the young-when we’re old.

It has been created, networks and forums of people (NGO’S) to take the dominant side of “work”. To me it seems the students, teachers, admins, community and parents that will always have more work to do-and do so without the help of the bureaucratic or religious fundamentals on their minds all day. As for me-I cannot fly through the day without remembering these things-all that I can come to is this mind is alright. I don’t need to be smoked out of being happy for creative bliss is my life -in a nation full of worker-bee’s too busy to note the habitats of wild animals and resources dissapearing from right under our eyes.

I really wonder who needs the re-education the people or the Global Government who puts us in a noose to the elements, leading us to the trough; by taking what’s most important for living with our main needs filled and laughing while wasting everything away for the people who have better millions. I don’t feel like my opinion in nature is yet to be held upright and the preservation of land is up to students and the next generation(Push this Generation forward). Go ahead-tell your son or daughter, “We didn’t stand up for your rights, now we don’t have enough money to buy bulk packages of toilet paper from the shortage.”
I can put on my music and search on my computer freely without being beat by the man-too much at all. It’s because of these advantages that we have more and more people have to live without writing in the first place. I swear it’s not my fault, I never wanted people who are in L.D.C’S (less developed country) to be shot down just for expressing ones feelings- even with the government, because essentially I have to speak my mind, spreading the word of better days on a blog or on Facebook, what occured during and what went on after. This is the true and real education that is being forced out of the massive nations of people realizing their world isn’t fair, shaving the reality off that your government really wants it out for you; to control every aspect of knowledge, they just won’t let you know.

Mass destruction comes to a planet full of people who always feel like they’re wanted to do what they don’t want. For long times we have had hierarchy dealing at the top while schools sit solemn at the bottom. Complete and total rejuvenation- let the capable control their own reasoning to complete the dream! Allow the less fortunate to become a part of the whole with core studies and more ability to do what we as a Globe feel is needed to survive in this place, on your own; war children and young adults out-lived or not, could appreciate it more than the many who fall into back breaking O.D’s on spring break.

There is an increase in the gap between rich and poor and it keeps on getting bigger. I feel like I’ve gained a lot with my mind but still feel like giving it away to someone, who just wants it more. So I hope that those of you who dream take care of your mind as if it were some one else’s. Though just wanting some thing more does not mean you can have it or know what next to do with everything it came with. Taken would be the words from this page if read out-loud, to or in a classroom; this only because of the serious age content I have purposely missed out on in those later grades not only that, I have less credentials than a grade eleven student and no opportunity for those neat high-school debates, and gradually, yet serious discussions. As important as they may be I have only one litigation: if it is so easy to write and think habitual thoughts like these and list these thoughts of the world; we will. What do you know and think can and should happen next? Miraculously no one in this world can have any better life if the scientific / psychological facts are copied and repeated like idiotic rewards from the mouth of petty students charged with illegal crediting. Just because it’s a good idea doesn’t mean it will be used or thought of. New ideas to some, have probably already been thought off. A small village lives alone with it’s self, get your water from the well, and kill your own food unless you want to die. We are all a mess when it comes to planning outside our lives with total sensible reaction. We are sitting ducks , wishing we had not chased our tales. Yes, efforts to make a “Global Philosophy” have been snuffed out under this light, culture every where speaks the name of assimilation when struck with bills of unmet “knowledge” in the Western point of view. Unless otherwise documented that a people could have the say in what to meet through a lifetime, afford the cost of living, as seasoned technology is traverse and shipping close to home and still not know half of it-out there in Zimbabwe. It should be very possible for anyone to have a successful life, being what this world needs; a slight finger in the light to open eyes to the shaded, vast preparations- for a break in the justice system-against the peoples. This is something to be left public for everyone to fend-for choking out the martyr with their own damn legislation.

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