This is the second part of my review of Santa Fe PC shop the first article can be found here.

June 27th Monday 1:45pm 2011

The vibe of this place is starting to play with my mind. I have a hard time motivating myself to even show up to this dreary place. I smoked on the ride to class taking long hits off my hand rolled cigar stuffed with the finest weed this city has to offer. Strong and potent stuff halfway through it I was already beginning to feel rather baked and had that all too familiar feeling running up my spine and into the front of my brain. As I turn into the parking lot I flick my roach at a nearby Mexican who is cutting the grass he didn’t even look up as it hit the back of his head. I manage to park and stumble my way to class the door only gives me minimal trouble before I realized the door was locked. I knock and Bill answers with his usual demeanor, “What the hell do you want? We don’t open till 1!” I just nod at him as he opens the door too stoned to speak so I shuffle my way to the punch in clock then sit down and begin the boring repetitive task assigned to me for the day. I hate churning out these surplus Pc’s which is one of the top sellers here at the shop. What they are is out dated P4’s and core duo’s packaged with Windows XP and avast free they are the bread and butter here. For 100 dollars for the core duo and 50 dollars for the P4’s people can’t resist them something draws them to cheap computers it compels them to buy this abomination that was out dated back in 2005, but still they flock in everyday demanding more and more of them. Most the people buying them know no better just trying to keep up with these new fangled computers as they say. The day passes slowly without incident by 3 o clock the weed was wearing off and the horrifying realties of this place are starting to come back so I decide to split early and find a bar where I can get a cheap beer and process this strange assignment.

June 29th Wednesday 2:00pm 2011

Why, are we even here I ponder to myself as I sit in this classroom I can’t seem to grasp what they are trying to teach us or make us understand. All we do is the same process over and over the steps never change we just continue churning out surplus machines, and working on the same customer computers again and again. The worst offender of this repeated hell is Ms. Smith who in the course of this internship has had her computer in the shop no less than four times all of which focus around the same problems that we seemed to resolve last time. She has yet to grasp the message we keep trying to drill into her old thick skull that you shouldn’t be visiting redtube or porntube using a computer with IE6, but so far she comes back every time as mad as she was before livid that we seemingly have failed to fix her computer. Today they chose me to work on this bloody contraption I begin the process of scanning it using the custom all in one tool the guys in the shop have crafted a rather ingenious script it runs several anti-virus, spyware, and malware scans all at once from the command line. The moment I start the scans the first twenty-five items on the list have to do with black guys and the animals they love an odd choice I thought for a woman of forty-seven, but who am I to judge if she gets off to such depraved shit that’s her business I just wish I didn’t have to watch it as the scan continues to spit off more and more sick search results including black gay Obama which seems like unlikely combination. Yet, here it is listing virus after virus all having to do with porn, so I continue the scans after they are finished I decide to do some looking around and find even more disturbing material in a folder simply titled, “naughty” If I was the type to work or cooperate with the dirty slimy excuses for cops this town has I would have called them right away at the horrors I had uncovered, but I am not one to deal with the pigs by any means even If I need help I would rather be robbed blind and stabbed rather than deal with them in any capacity. I complete the work on the machine, and then demonstrate the finished product to her. Verifying that everything is operational and satisfactory then send her out with the computer knowing all to well that I’ll be seeing her again soon and more of the depravity she so enjoys I believe the thought of seeing the sickness that these people bring in day in and day out is why I still continue this rotten assignment.

July 6th Wednesday 3:30pm 2011

Thank God for Independence Day keeping me out of that dismal lab for one extra day. I needed that extra day to recoup from the events of July 4th as with most Americans I become extremely patriotic during this time of year getting back to my ancestral roots and celebrating everything this country has to offer by blowing stuff up, drinking, and smoking the day away, but isn’t that what the United States was founded on the need and want to be able to walk out into your backyard without fear of persecution or arrest and blow up anything and everything that moves with high-powered explosives bought from stands on the road side? That however is a story and a thought for another day I find myself getting off topic here so let’s get back to the work at hand. As I spend more time here I have begun seeing this place differently than when I started it is still a sick hive of scum and ignorance, yet it seems to have its own place in this school the people who come here know nothing else and the people unfortunate enough to work there know that it’s not a permanent gig, and that soon they will be free to leave and never return as the end draws closer you can see the joy returning to some of the faces in here that have been nothing, but sad haggard shells of their former selves. It has been quite an experience here being forced to learn the boring repetitive procedures that they claim are required to fix most PCs. Learning that if a problem is out of reach or one that confuses too many people to be bothered with that nuking the god damn thing from space is the only option that these people know they aren’t teaching us how to problem solve or how to deal with advanced problems they are just teaching that should anything stand in our way just blow it up and will start from scratch. This shouldn’t be how those who we are going to trust in this digital age with our computers our lives as more and more becomes integrated we don’t want those who are in control of all of our essential information to have nuke happy trigger fingers we want them to think to solve the problems at hand not just blow them up like so many cheap fireworks on the 4th of July.

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Preface: This summer I decided to attend an internship at the Santa Fe College PC shop the following is a review of the shop as a whole, some insight on the inner workings, and the customer base that keeps this hive of scum afloat.

June 15th Wednesday 12:38pm 2011

This place is a nice change of pace from my normal classes. It’s a group full of nerds, geeks, and noobs all trying to break into the computer industry working on certifications, classes, jobs trying to find that dream job that will pay big while requiring as little work possible. See that’s the American Dream of us hapless nerds a big server room of our very own to do as we please be masters of our domain. Many of us have chased this dream for more years than we can remember, but something keeps us working tireless hours breaking down and rebuilding countless nameless machines hoping one will give us just the right experience that the industry is looking for to land us that job that will solve all our problems answer all our prayers. Bill the head of this dreary place is a sad reminder that not everyone finds their dreams now an old man he still toils away in this place day after day no happiness just a man who missed the train was left with a new class of nerds full of dreams and hopes while he just grinds away day after day muttering about better times. His is a fate I hope to avoid.

June 20th Monday 12:45pm 2011

The pc shop again another hot day this place is starting to get to me. The boring repeating redundancy gnaws at my brain it makes me crazy I hate doing fresh installs on surplus after surplus machine just churning out inferior pcs all day to people too stupid to tell the difference. All the while trying to break even and not yet coming close the threat of termination ever looming over their heads knowing if they don’t sell they could be out on their asses any day. I’m no different my job is in jeopardy every day since the new file system went live the nurses have started doing everything I am now obsolete as the computers I’m pushing I have no meaning at work I just exist a warm body to answer a phone that never stops ringing. It is a hollow existence I want more out of my job I want to enjoy what I do but it seems the only thing I enjoy is computers and from the depressing sorry faces that I see every day coming in and out of this shop it looks like I could become one of these sad sacks that never made it into the industry that got trampled on the way couldn’t make the cut or even get their foot in the door.

June 22nd Wednesday 1:00pm 2011

The only value I see in this place is ripping off the less computer savvy of our customer base this shop is a hive for the sickest viruses, spyware, and just over all dirty malware. So we charge them to remove it then I put my brand of madness on it. This is what gets me through knowing I have power overall these sheep I can control what they see, hear, and buy on their little fisher price PCs. Them none the wiser thinking that luck or their God has forsaken them to some evil hacker out there in the reaches of hyperspace the vast emptiness that lies between them and me a mass of cabling, wires, and circuits that they will never understand. They just exist above it or from their view below it slowly drowning in a sea of bytes and bits zeros and ones. They have no understanding of this machinery and I have always used this to my advantage freaking out the squares as it were making them question their sanity and safety in this digital age of faceless hackers, crackers, and phreakers all out for their money, identity, and their children’s well being. They panic like sheep at anything new or unknown the tune never changes the unknown is unraveled and solved all laid bare to this cruel world of scared sheep so that they may sleep at night soundly without fear.

more to come soon…

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