I think this post contains interesting opinions on Occupy Wall Street:  Occupy WS

It’s also written in an editorial manor mixing fact and opinion and battling for the people, which are typical attributes of Gonzo Journalism:


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Michael Franti Joins Occupy Wall Street Movement In Wake Of Radiohead Hoax

As numbers continue to grow in the Occupy Wall Street Movement with more and more American Citizens showing up to protest Corporate Greed one celebrity showed up to show support. Musician and poet Michael Franti joined the movement just after a Hoax earlier in the week claiming that Radiohead was going to make an appearance.

The Radiohead Hoax came through a fraudulent email misrepresenting one of the band managers, claiming that the band would show up and play. Later, the organizers of the movement, believing the email, publicly announced that the band would play. Many fans showed up in addition to the protestors simply to see the band, who never arrived.

But in the wake of all this Michael Franti showed up and played several rabble rousing tunes before police shut him down and broke up the gathering that ensued.

The Musician and Poet stated “even near wall street there’s a crack in the sidewalk where the flowers grow.”

This video was shot at the event:

And this video interview was shot by Grounded TV Network:

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A motorist driving a Chevy Malibu license 5POM917 was reported to have opened fire on San Diego motorists at random following a hit and run on Monday. Two men were reported to be in the vehicle, one driver and one passenger / gunman.

A 24 year old person of interest who was driving a car with the same license plate number was detained in L.A. It is unclear if this person is Enrique Ayon from Lancaster in North L.A. County who the car is registered to.

3 cars were shot including an ambulance following a reported hit and run by this vehicle in the morning.

One man was hit but no one was killed.

This is the second bizarre shooting on a San Diego Highway in 2011.

In April, a 21-year-old University of San Diego student was shot in the ribs after a gunman opened fire on Route 163 with a .22 caliber rifle.

A 58 year old gunman was accused of opening fire at random on the highway in that instance.

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Right now protestors are gathering on Wall Street calling themselves the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Hundreds are camping out in sleeping bags on the sidewalk to disrupt things and to illustrate the effects of corporate greed while showing distaste the the direction this country is heading – with the death of the American Dream. Every day more protestors are joining them.

Over the weekend over 700 arrests where made on protesters who blocked off one lane of the Brooklyn bridge.

While corporate greed is their primary cause, global warming and gas prices were named as other issues.

Similar events are happening in L.A. (Calling themselves occupy L.A.), Boston and Washington.

The protestors expect their numbers to continue growing and for more similar protests to arise in other cities.

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The First Annual Beer-Con – San Diego, CA – Sat Aug. 27th, 2011

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good hangover. The kind it takes an entire day to recover from. But that’s exactly what I had today. And it brought back memories of my days as a student.

The first annual Beer Con was marked by great beer and great people at a great venue. By contacting event founders and sharing my posts from Gonzo Journals I was able to get a press pass but I quickly upgraded to a speaker pass as one was left unattended on the table.

Personally I missed the speaker circuit at the bar, but made it to the all you can drink beer tasting where I was able to poll the crowd about the speakers. Consensus about the speaking circuit was that it went off without a hitch. Particular highlights included the keynote speech by Anet Barren, the speech by Greg Koch, founder of Stone Brewery and the inspired opening speech by event co founder Michael Bowen. Generally speeches were up beat but some of the harsh barriers to entry into the brewing industry were revealed by speakers who have been through the grueling process.

The beer tasting garden was where I spent most of my time. Belgian style ales and local IPA’s dominated the event. Stone Brewery, Iron Fist Brewing, The Brewery, Karl Strauss, Green Flash Brewery and Mission Brewery were a few of San Diego’s local breweries represented at the event.

Proudly sporting the Event Speaker Lanyard I acquired at the registration table I made my rounds to the various tables growing my schwag collection including a free t shirt from Home Brewers and Gardens San Diego, a set of bottle openers from Widmer and a vibrating ring accidentally delivered by Hustler Magazine.

My two favorite drinks of the night were an ale from Manzanita brewery and Mission Brewery’s IPA.

The most unique was a green tea flavored IPA from Stone Brewery.

When asked about my speaker level access pass, perhaps the only level of access that let me get in areas beyond where my press pass could take me, I was able to craftily explain that I was there to speak about beer and it’s relation to the internet, a subject I knew more about than most beer fanatics.

I was almost busted on my speaker level access pass by the people at Brew Hop who happened to be holding a speaker list and asked me what my name was.

“I’m not on that list,” I explained. “I’m was a last minute replacement for a speaker who dropped out. I got a call from Mike and Alex early this morning because they know I know a lot about beer, marketing and the internet and they know I can put together a solid speech quickly. So I put together a speech today about how craft breweries can leverage the internet to grow their business.”

“ah, makes sense,” replied the girl behind the counter before going through the pitch about their limo to micro brewery service.

Next I was able to catch up with Melani and Jeff Gordon – founders of Tap Hunter, a service for locating great local draft beers, currently available in select cities. Expect big things from them in the future.

As I continued drinking I had the opportunity to catch up with event founders Michael Bowen and Alex Mckee. Michael said of the event: “I consider it a huge success. We gave out a lot of great beer and introduced a lot of people to the inner workings of the craft beer industry.”

I would say that that comment was right on with my experience.

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Yes. At least that’s what I’ve come to believe. I think they will wait until the last minute and at least temporarily raise the debt ceiling. Otherwise there will be a revolution. Some catalyst has to be great enough to pull the people of this country away from their computers and out of their eye phones and failing to raise the debt ceiling may just be that catalyst.

But I don’t think we will ever know.

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Amy Winehouse died on 23 July 2011 at the age of 27. She will forever be grouped with Jim Morrison, Curt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrex. The small but growing group of hard living, hard drinking musicians who left the world at the age of 27.
Record companies which now longer have to pay these artists when their tracks are played will push Winehouse’s music like never before. It now has a higher profit margin the playing a song written by a living musician.

It seems like just yesterday that I found myself driving to work while suffering from a mild hangover when I heard Amy Winehouse come on the radio and sing Rehab for the first time.

And it soothed my hangover.

Being 27 myself, this makes me nervous. But I am probably safe as I am neither famous, nor am I rich.

Who knows what to make of this untimely death. Perhaps nothing. We all die one day. In the media Winehouse’s death has been largely overshadowed by the shooting in Norway and the failure of congress to come to an agreement on the debt ceiling.

But I will say one thing. Winehouse made an impact in her short time on this planet.

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The swine in congress, by which I mean the Republic representatives lead by Boehner, are risking catastrophic long term consequences for America in an attempt to make the richest people in the country slightly richer. By failing to agree to raise the debt ceiling America risks defaulting on it’s payments. This means that government workers won’t get paid, medicare won’t get paid and private businesses that contract with the government won’t get paid.

If the bills don’t get paid and the American government can’t fulfill these commitments they’ve made, if there aren’t dollars to back the contracts they’ve signed then they will lose credit. And their credit is the dollar. The same dollar that is in your pocket. Globally we are already being laughed at for getting to this point. Boehner is being laughed at, not only because his name sounds like erect male genitalia but also because he is closer to destroying America than Bin Laden could ever hope to get.

And his only motivation for doing it is a silly political game in which he wants to make the other team look bad and a less silly but more sinister economic game in which he wants to help the richest 1% of America get more money which they don’t need at the expense of the working class family and the country.

Hopefully they will come to a reasonable agreement soon.

Res Ipsa Loquitor

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The U.S. men’s soccer team routed the Spaniard’s 2-0 in the Semi Final of the Confederations cup earlier today.  As a soccer fan I say great!  As some one who understands the flow of money, I say bull shit.

Let’s go back a few days to when the USA had lost to Brazil 3-0 and lost to Italy 3-1.  They had one game left against Egypt who had defeated Italy 1-0.  At this moment, in order for USA to advance, they needed to defeat Egypt by at least 3 goals.  Not only that, but Brazil would need to beat Italy by at least a 3-0 score line.

Freeze frame at this moment in time.  What kind of odds do you think you could get betting on the US to make it to the finals at this moment in time?  No human being would take that bet unless they were in direct control of the result of the game.  Now move forward in time.  The US beats Egypt 3-0 and Brazil beats Italy 3-0.  The third goal against Italy, the one that sent the US through to the semi finals was an own goal.  The Italian defender Andrea Dossena blocked a cross and knocked the ball into his own net from 10 yards off the goal line.  The problem here is that this guy is supposed to be one of the best defenders in the world, and yet none of my team mates on my recreational team when I was in second grade would have made that mistake, let alone a seasoned professional.  Not to mention the goalie whom the ball trickled by, Buffon, was suspended for match fixing in the recent past.

Now let’s fast forward to the US Spain Game.  Altador’s goal looked legitimate.  It was a great turn in which he controlled the ball and fought off an Spanish defender.  The finish was somewhat lucky as it came off the hand of Ikar Cassias, he the post and went in.  Clint Dempsey’s goal again was a result of a defensive error that most 10 year olds wouldn’t make.  The left back for the Spanish national team paused three yards from his goal with the ball at his feet and the keeper out of position.  Clint Dempsey then poked it into the goal for the U.S.

On the offensive end, Torres, who is known as one of the greatest strikers in football today let the ball sail past his foot within the US 18 yard box without any pressure from defenders.

Is this coincidence or is this controlled by money?  In today’s economy, don’t you think some would resort to match fixing?…but do they need to make it so obvious?  I guess they do.

Res Ipsa Loquitor.

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