This post has been vegetating in my mind since February 1, 2009 when the Steelers Dominated the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.  Unfortunately, I broke this wordpress template messing around with the code in ways I’m not supposed to so I’ve been unable to log in and post it until today when I finally had an hour to figure out what was wrong.

Back to the point.

Driving to the Pirate’s Den my Steel bumper smashed into a Cardinal which died on impact. That about sums up the football game as well. The Steelers dominated the cardinals until Arizona began a fourth quarter comeback which was thwarted by Santonio Holmes’ game winning catch. Cardinals fans everywhere spouted their game long mantra, “review the play!” but to no avail. Holmes was clearly in the end zone. Cash in my wallet. Res Ipsa Loquitor.

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Hunter S. Thompson is credited with pioneering gonzo journalism, a writing style characterized as a fiery and purposefully slanted.  The author casts himself into the story, therefore breaking the rules of contemporary journalism, personalizing the experience and sometimes putting himself in significant danger.  Since Thompson’s suicide on Feb 20th, 1997 the gonzo journalism landscape has been pretty quiet.  But not anymore. will give gonzo journalism the electric shock it needs to resurrect the writing style.

But basically, I’m just writing this blog to entertain you and to keep a great style of writing alive.  Let’s just hope I live through it.

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