Personal particular persons in the wallows creating delusion set out to be dreary; minds moving. I always find dragging myself through some thoughts over and over in my head, investigating the system of people and regulators leaving me at a picture perfect scene of a million unanswered questions, always trying to see what the message in these global actions are. Need it be any more obvious, when we fall apart. Pieces of the concrete jungle dropping down, they had just been put up; this is a normal occurrence, in a very auspicious dated time. Bringing back your shoulders to talk to others, to have the point that cannot be summed up to a few words; butchered to a slant, by those who could never feel out-loud my insanity and I theirs. I feel that loathing doesn’t come to me as some one and some thing I can stand. Slipping in torturous bits of fact when you least expect it. This doesn’t happen to be and it won’t. How will you know if you don’t try. Dealing SHIFTS outraging the press accusations. Don’t ever turn back. We will always know true existence whether we are prone to our bad side or not, on looking does not matter; live again with out mistake and on and on apparently so.
Rights are internationally skewered. Lies are frowned on, people are destroyed; someone so angry falls in a trade and perhaps some one got shot.

As I write the grim reality that follows you should know that, as an American citizen trapped; in a Harper’s n’ Friends Land Referendum Legislations’ Associates and Employees body I should BE USE TO being forced to live life not feelin’ the tight grooves in all these attractions waiting for us, that a coming thrust to our intense need to know; the blending of boarders blown up to make us into THE super state would be good put to a certain context of light hearted, distant goals.
Not only that and the separation of every class to each race which has become some what intolerable but has embraced others to come together. I would believe in the kindness of the man who made a step forward for so many youngsters who felt , being understood under the justice system as no hardened criminal; for a joint, is right. Jack Layton YOU WILL BE VERY MISSED. I am just so happy you helped make a change- you say us youth inspire you – YOU TRULY INSPIRE US TOO! Make a note, no stone will be left behind.

6:29 am 03/10/2011
Witt filled and righteous, my nights do get louder in silence ; wealthy in the cold , in that I still feel old-with out being persuaded in to insecure singing . Please tell me if I’m too loud, for not a word to say very rude; sounds of movement on the floor, my back is to the wall. Still I know you can be willing to hold my hand. Pull away while you beam together but there’s more. I thank GOD for “BIG EYED BEANS FROM VENUS ; Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band”. My back is sore. I reside with myself to begin years ago , yet I and the whole Planet have hardly started on the right track. I prowl feeling the life of another is never taken out of “it”. The religious may have a very good point when they say my dead Grandma is watching me when I masturbate. I could just grab the intensity in the pleasure that coincides with the automobile, crude-oil; the silence in my room, the noise I make in “Whiskey Heaven”. Sickening , you use to be something that I oughtta’ think I would see around and I do; perhaps while I decay these contributions hail us further with out our saying still , I found out a long time ago it is not about the people who are even just around. Ya’ , find it in your deepest thoughts when you think of sleep. Just like the news-reporters being awkward and told just what to think.
I do not want to wake up my room-mate, my lesbian-brat bride; it is very hard to fake and take the real and cover up my and anyone’s own work they shall but cannot help but feel afraid for it’s other things that would awake. Crows and the raven become me in the damned early hours of the morn’ to be seized. Being called stupid for common mistakes in the world that some people choose just not to see , in place of how everything is made. Intelligence is greater than pretentiousness. (Some things don’t need to be seen). I sometimes am more fortunate than when I know , some certain skills but can show humility to those who actually lived; before me and begot the uncertainty , albino to me; Hell grown men make mistakes, covering it up just won’t fill that residue of metamorphosis that beknotted person began. Stealing persona’s and theories does not either. Treasure apologies to be wavered. This applies for both of those fellow men that you would rather think about oh so different or, on completely rivaled sides. Both places can be taken through elaborated ties, marking no end in sight.

4:29 pm 07/10/2011
About time, I know that when this life seems clear often people come out of nowhere and just happen when you least expect or want them. Maybe two hours later , my old dog was hit by a stereotype. Her back right leg was taken but not the family. Thank so many moments of peaking over the right death of past cats I use to know in a time of feeling when obvious prices take a swipe. Just like some men and women I do find happy – when do you expect a mean meal of pain?
Noted Steve Jobs Golden Apple man Died leaving no chance of survival for an already distant Mac operating, and Mac Donald’s eating cesspool of wailing Jimmy’s that did eat away at his very soul and I suppose that cancer, too. He will always be sweating it down here. For the mean time.

1:03 pm 08/10/2011
Everything is a sedimentary substance. We are solid but within us is not just rock or bone. It smells of stage and steer in here. Now I would hope that all of this is not made up of, sheering show and mostly softened intentions. Ripe they are these vibrant wads of cash that Brillo can’t ever scrub away. You know the feeling of being hungry , afraid and disconnected. Watching in the mind of the television how many die. Never mind this senseless vacancy in my stomach. Living is all there is. Pole’s are made for dancing and so this tree will do the trick. Please wouldn’t ya’ just wait to leave? Stop taking away the life that I see. I AM NOT DUMB. You are gone now, and I know there was everything I could do. Still I can breathe this sign of pages. You and your light still needs the sun. Knowing that we do it or we don’t. Life get’s better then worse, if you would like it like that. Then some time you go figure keeping this hidden would be the way? I wouldn’t answer that question unless I had incriminating evidence. I really could stand up to the rules and obvious last statements, maybe for the rest of my life; always just a bit harder , when you get more tired. You break the iron cascade in benefits of the richer for the demons fucking at their own. Communism is the pile of heat the radars keep speaking of with socialist – republican sheep bleating on “Where’s OURS, WHERE’S OURS!??” Enough to keep me from ripping every single pet from a child’s hands and teaching them the meaning of disregard. Followed by photos of shattered dog noses PETA vigilantes share; who scare the shit out of me. I was arrested on our Wall Street and framed a knot in my belly over the tragic past of this beautiful theater , that shows me nothing (not saying it ever did!) anymore because of a dumping ground for wasted taints and blood called the ATB financial following. Yes usurpers of the Mega Giant Hell Hold unite and argue with your local bank teller. Tell them everything about withheld taxes ….. Just know there is greater evil where you cannot see. I would owe myself twenty dollars , too ; not knowing I am what I am , even what you are ; being nailed to a 1.5 billion dollar crucifix, awaiting sweet death real in the formation of crawling anger that shoves. It has shown there is no Wall Street March but a worldwide hunger for displayed information, so having clueless martyrs in the world will only be a symptom of aristocratic slime and proudly puffed joggers.

Revolutions were began in pub like establishments. Where there is a place a person can have their own sense of governance you would find it somewhere many people can make up a collective group in a building and drink. Educating yourself by listening to others endlessly just to hear over every thing else. I tend to divulge in littering my coherent ear toward politics even inside such a place, I choose to believe or live the way I seem to be. Today I happen to seek my fellows out to bring up the daily news, week to week. A movement does not just happen. Repeat if desired. The fact is, most of the voters don’t know what really is goin’ on they read their mail and worry about their loved ones. A giant pipeline from Alberta to Texas might be a big deal- if they almost always knew how to keep up with the tiny details like Obama saying no or the existance of the damned plan it’s self. Wonder what ever is going to clear the whole panel o’ jurors to a very affirmative no. Every one needs Jobs. Use Canada to make things from Hemp we have land(which you don’t need to grow the stuff) and great farming. There is power in bioethanol and biodiesel made from hemp. We cannot keep tricking ourselves into thinking the gasoline and ill mannered ill tempered oil industry want this technology. I can tell you through all this writing but only reality can picture it like it should be. A life for death is not a life worth living, a life that is asleep like the dead should not be walking. The dead may very much be more possessed with life because of our mention. Live to die in a time alleviated or with the ones you love and relax forever. Start with your surroundings. See what we have done and bring your remaining ideas to a close. A movement these days happens to be when you get a grand group of people with the same ideals and proactive agreements to a stand still, a literal move for a novice bench and the stand to proclamation , where they walk to another area.
The pie in the sky idea here is the “awakening” process of knowledge for those who have yet to even hear such atrocities as not evoking the problems involved with bringing on brain damage from water. There is a problem I am nauseated to tell my mother; not to drink the water.

Picking up where we left off before confrontation of bitter sweet summer endings.

Passion for life-comes out of a striving for better means. Most of my conversations through the day come along the side of clear, fearful, fog. These thoughts leave me at peace-I already knew that my schooling doesn’t always mean I am taken care of. I know that just because my government “cares” for me-It doesn’t mean that I am protected against what corporations will let get to me, namely aspartame, fluoridated water, untested drugs, and the chance to free prostitution before I can smoke some weed in a bar-etc. Getting back to the point…If I already knew ahead of time the top of the mountain that I have arrived at. I shouldn’t be surprised, and I’m not as I stopped to realize I am not intoxicated and I am the same as an animal in this game. To come to these unfinished conclusions of debt and cancer rather leaves me feeling sane; just to know that is happening and here I am unchanged trailing with my
theta waves.

Opening my door and hearing every movement-this life that I’ve stepped into tonight was one that I could fucking hear in the back of my head when sleeping. I lay my skull down and pressed into the bed sheets over head I see my light and allusions of futures that have yet to exist became a reality.
Over and over the rather picking of a tapping always straight on to me. This loathing in my brain-makes me feel like I would rather use some defense, only to keep this intrusion of fear floating in my head under close proximity so that I can remain with that something in my mind… That ready feeling of forward ho’ I and many others await for. Always climbing the downward slope of an agile adjacent feature, like a jagged slide ready for tripping; plucking the very fiber of our knowledge, this loathing of our own being and person that we cease to see; the shielded “proactive” measurements, taken from our own love of fear it’s self. This distinguished human kind as a one horse man. Square it off as people hating people because they conjured an image of true scary flat testicles or extra dry shoulders, this scares many. If left for a long enough time, results end in a supreme aggressive move-again only blowing up the picture to a smudged after-math. 1-2-SNFU. Society’s No Fucking Use. If planet Earth had a terrorist for a God-he or she or…it would be ashamed of being found out with that abomination Earth happening to be that sore that won’t go away.

Continuing- feeling the heart between the sheet that is mine only, beating alone but dragging the flutter from a thought of a powerful hate. . . . Loathing is never permissible on a day- to -day schedule without self destructive patterns – unless given someone whom can see your efforts and defend you equally under the changing smiles of a number of people to meet. . . These reluctant defendants will always know what to say in a slight caption until there is no way to help. It is seemingly inspirational, for one to defend OTHERS; loathing, whilst being comfortable in the niche they helped make for their craft. Not to ignore their own life to be blue. All still noting the fear and the rights of everyone;not just pay. Catchy don’t ya’ think- circular, spiral of unknown reading.

Deep breathing- remember the ride not the destination- ticket to ride. I would murmur, elegantly sinking down deep back into me. Never had such thoughts come to my mind-the very element of the night factor, swinging my knees toward the slide. We all search for our own pleasure, laughter, and game; out of that slips the wicked, slimy, fright. Hopelessly I am enjoying the very entertaining fact, you get no where thinking about what happened in the case of, Victor of Aveyron- nor do thinking of who or where they tested on him will change the fact.
I’ve been told that all it took for someone to get along is the desperation-fear of loathing. Having no choice in how you live but only given life or death won’t leave you picky. Even the fear of not knowing can be better than righteous hate. You will need to be better than hate, better than crushing fatalistic ways. That would be when someone happened to be in his time appearing as a shadow who crept, crawling and climbed right out of my sight and into my line.
PEERING at me peering at this man watching me ..Into a corner dreaded with some inane colors only to wash over clear fantasy out of a dream, he sharply spoke under his breathe yet, silky words pressed my pleasure,

“HEEY! Remember fear.”

Drill the memory into my eyes…Seeing something so intertwined. It is just me with the power to get what I want. Thinking leads to doing as I’m sure I’ve heard somewhere-but harping leads to inoculation-protecting you from what is really there. Song to sing the glory of another day where we all deal with what we have, being strong and forgetting hate that we all had. She sank ten feet past away for ten minutes in her bed with realizations in her head, the horrors and hours went by and still she drives just to pass- the wild turkey for one more laugh to the core of everyday.
I wash my hands perhaps to feel like I belong over you and yours, hey Victor the Wild Child could have sought us all a thing called self reliance. Amazing the world keeps on banging out more and more, can we have any more fighters like Victor that live without their necessities always brought for them – like the lady in her bed alone on a Sunday morning-writing late.

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