Michael Franti Joins Occupy Wall Street Movement In Wake Of Radiohead Hoax

As numbers continue to grow in the Occupy Wall Street Movement with more and more American Citizens showing up to protest Corporate Greed one celebrity showed up to show support. Musician and poet Michael Franti joined the movement just after a Hoax earlier in the week claiming that Radiohead was going to make an appearance.

The Radiohead Hoax came through a fraudulent email misrepresenting one of the band managers, claiming that the band would show up and play. Later, the organizers of the movement, believing the email, publicly announced that the band would play. Many fans showed up in addition to the protestors simply to see the band, who never arrived.

But in the wake of all this Michael Franti showed up and played several rabble rousing tunes before police shut him down and broke up the gathering that ensued.

The Musician and Poet stated “even near wall street there’s a crack in the sidewalk where the flowers grow.”

This video was shot at the event:

And this video interview was shot by Grounded TV Network:

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