In the coming weeks, members of unions across Britain, most notably the TUC and PCS who represent civil servants and government staff, will vote “yes” to take industrial action. It is a done deal. Britain will grind to a halt at their command.

They are protesting against the governments austerity measures that plan to increase civil servants’ pension contributions while lowering the final payments blah blah blah. In other words they’ll be working longer, paying more into their pensions and getting less out of them in the end. Terrible. In a time of unprecedented financial armageddon why do these people think that they should be immune from a little tightening of the belt?

I am generally sympathetic with the downtrodden disgruntled worker. I’m one of them for christ’s sake, and after some ludicrous allegations made against my charachter at my place of work, I even became a union member! But, at a time when financial ablivion threatens to consume us all, why should we stand up and support these greedy half-wits, who for some reason believe that they are special and deserve to be exempt from what is essentially global economic depression.

Let me elaborate on my rambling point. A man came on the news the other day. I think it was the BBC. It had to be the BBC because the interviewer was a stern-faced yet softly spoken woman who expressed nothing but outrage at the way these poor civil servants have been treated. Indeed the whole BBC coverage of the issue has been carefully managed to engineer sympathy for the union’s cause. On this occasion I’m afraid it failed miserably.

As I said, a man came on the news; he was a fire fighter to his credit. He was however very red faced and angry that the government should dare ask him to work a little longer and pay just a little more into his pension! But just wait until you hear the figures! His retirement age has risen by a grossly unjust 5 years, from 50 to 55.

50 to 55! The cheek of him! How dare he be outraged that he has to work to the ripe old age of 55! What a bastard! Recent figures show that most privately employed individuals will have to work until their late 60′s or even their early 70′s before being able to claim a state pension. Are these people fucking nuts! Whats worse is that even after the cuts this moron will still be receiving a pension far in excess of the average worker.

But I don’t blame the members. Its the big wigs and union chiefs who are the real money grabbing whores. Generally, they are work shy fraudsters masquerading as socialist heroes fighting for the common working man. Bullshit. They fight for their own bank balance. Where do they suppose the money is coming from to continue funding their lavish pensions and wages? The rest of us that’s where. They don’t care where the money comes from as long as its not their pockets.

The country is on its arse! We’re broke, done, busted! But still the scum gather, bowl in hand begging, no DEMANDING ever more. This is unjust and criminal in its disregard for the current financial fuck up and the general nosedive standards of living and disposable income has taken recently.

I have always and will always support unions on principal. They are a vital tool in the defence of workers rights and needs. But in this case, the workers needs are at the bottom of the list, if they even made the list. This is a case pure, unrestrained greed. Pure and simple.

I say fuck the unions and fuck their greed.

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