The summer runaway through the door, and isn’t coming back. It’s making place for the autumn. Fall in yellow leaves. Gold, silver and bronze colors dressed nature. Noisy steps on the dead fallen leaves. It’s knocking on the doors.
It’s wiping his feet on the door-step and clatter ours gates. Taking off his coat to break a prisoner of his body in the suits and slowly strip to the buff conquest to the world. Hot stove warming across the air, frost efface on the windows, and the caducity feel’s to move in our hearts. Force one’s ways in mind, and trail in the souls.
Bizarre but fascinating the nature’s play. The emotions hotter, the colors load screaming into the silent, disturbing views, which is dazzle to the eyes. The movements create look like images. The natures giving ourselves believe that, we do to his organic parts disturbing an emotion which is cross to the body.
Soul to soul. It isn’t the phrase. This is the sentimentalism. This is the life circle ever dance’s.
Living in the nature! Breathing with the nature! Emotions follower turning to the nature! Because one comes from the same root, Life and Death. Everything has got beauty and mystic.
Why do we live? Why do we die? Where is our past disappearing? What does will be our life? How we will live and bewail part’s of our pass life?
Up on us the nature naked and unprotected prancing. The trees, the plants and the animals they comes together upon the mood .The last green leaves falls as a message: the winter’s coming…. And slowly retire to the bed. Prepares for hibernation……

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