When I “discovered” Dr Hunter S. Thompson, my entire outlook on life changed drastically. We’re talking in the same way that Oswald’s bullet changed JFK’s life. Of course believing that Oswald worked alone is like believing in fairies, but thats besides the point.
Kingdom of Fear blew my mind. It changed my outlook forever. I found in that book more wisdom, honesty and truth than any religion or teacher has ever offered me. It is my bible.
I haven’t produced a great body of work, barely a few scraps of half legible ramblings that barely compare to the work of Dr. Thompson.
And there lies my point. Gonzo has had such an impact on my life and my writing that I fear I could never live up to the great man I would dearly love to emulate. Perhapse my desire to emulate such a unique individual, if only his writing style, is to be the cause of my downfall before I’ve even had the chance to spread my literary wings. Perhapse I’ll resort to second rate sci-fi or reviewing the score of brainless bands that plague my favorite bar in town.
I have no chance of coming close to Thompson. None of us do. Hunter S. Thompson IS Gonzo, anything else is a pale and futile imitation.
Despite this, I will continue to churn out what may or may not be considered “Gonzo”, no longer to emulate the great Hunter Thompson, but in tribute to his work and his impact on my life. Every word I write is a tribute to the Doctor!

Thanks Hunter for opening my eyes to the horror, and showing me the truth of the world

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