The swine in congress, by which I mean the Republic representatives lead by Boehner, are risking catastrophic long term consequences for America in an attempt to make the richest people in the country slightly richer. By failing to agree to raise the debt ceiling America risks defaulting on it’s payments. This means that government workers won’t get paid, medicare won’t get paid and private businesses that contract with the government won’t get paid.

If the bills don’t get paid and the American government can’t fulfill these commitments they’ve made, if there aren’t dollars to back the contracts they’ve signed then they will lose credit. And their credit is the dollar. The same dollar that is in your pocket. Globally we are already being laughed at for getting to this point. Boehner is being laughed at, not only because his name sounds like erect male genitalia but also because he is closer to destroying America than Bin Laden could ever hope to get.

And his only motivation for doing it is a silly political game in which he wants to make the other team look bad and a less silly but more sinister economic game in which he wants to help the richest 1% of America get more money which they don’t need at the expense of the working class family and the country.

Hopefully they will come to a reasonable agreement soon.

Res Ipsa Loquitor

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