The U.S. men’s soccer team routed the Spaniard’s 2-0 in the Semi Final of the Confederations cup earlier today.  As a soccer fan I say great!  As some one who understands the flow of money, I say bull shit.

Let’s go back a few days to when the USA had lost to Brazil 3-0 and lost to Italy 3-1.  They had one game left against Egypt who had defeated Italy 1-0.  At this moment, in order for USA to advance, they needed to defeat Egypt by at least 3 goals.  Not only that, but Brazil would need to beat Italy by at least a 3-0 score line.

Freeze frame at this moment in time.  What kind of odds do you think you could get betting on the US to make it to the finals at this moment in time?  No human being would take that bet unless they were in direct control of the result of the game.  Now move forward in time.  The US beats Egypt 3-0 and Brazil beats Italy 3-0.  The third goal against Italy, the one that sent the US through to the semi finals was an own goal.  The Italian defender Andrea Dossena blocked a cross and knocked the ball into his own net from 10 yards off the goal line.  The problem here is that this guy is supposed to be one of the best defenders in the world, and yet none of my team mates on my recreational team when I was in second grade would have made that mistake, let alone a seasoned professional.  Not to mention the goalie whom the ball trickled by, Buffon, was suspended for match fixing in the recent past.

Now let’s fast forward to the US Spain Game.  Altador’s goal looked legitimate.  It was a great turn in which he controlled the ball and fought off an Spanish defender.  The finish was somewhat lucky as it came off the hand of Ikar Cassias, he the post and went in.  Clint Dempsey’s goal again was a result of a defensive error that most 10 year olds wouldn’t make.  The left back for the Spanish national team paused three yards from his goal with the ball at his feet and the keeper out of position.  Clint Dempsey then poked it into the goal for the U.S.

On the offensive end, Torres, who is known as one of the greatest strikers in football today let the ball sail past his foot within the US 18 yard box without any pressure from defenders.

Is this coincidence or is this controlled by money?  In today’s economy, don’t you think some would resort to match fixing?…but do they need to make it so obvious?  I guess they do.

Res Ipsa Loquitor.