What is Gonzo Journalism ??

Gonzo Journalism is the writing style that many claim was pioneered by the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. It has become known for breaking some of the major rules of standard journalism by blending fact with fantasy & featuring the writer at the center of the story often using first person narrative voice.

Gonzo Journalism is chaos mixed with fact & fantasy, but always claimed or defended as fact. This concept is not a paradox nor an oxymoron as due to different perceptions of reality one man’s fact is another man’s fantasy.

Many famous phrases have been coined through Gonzo Journalism as well. For instance before Eminem existed reporters asked could the real Hunter Thompson please stand up?

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Both During Thompson’s life and since his suicide there have only been a handful of Gonzo Journalists of note. That’s why it’s essential that you link to this blog from one of these three anchor texts (the word that is linked) gonzo journalism or hunter s thompson or hunter thompson. That’s the only way people will find it. So if you have a webpage, blog, squidoo page, facebook group or any other web presence speak up and link to this site. It’s free.

Why would I want something as awful as Gonzo Journalism to survive? Because it’s a beautiful disaster. Just like your life.And It’s hillarious

And no type of journalism is bad as long as it’s accurate. True Journalism is simply a reflection of the times. So enjoy reading the Gonzo Journals.

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